As I near the end of my college career, I have begun research on my senior capstone project. Aspiring to a career in Sport Graphics, I knew my final project had to revolve around sports. But which one? Why not all of them!

My senior capstone project will be a branded broadcast package for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.
Due to global pandemic, the games have been postponed. However, I believe this creates a great opportunity to rebrand the games for 2021. 


This project has quickly evolved into a very research reliant/ involved process. I wanted to fully encapsulate Japanese culture through the visual elements of the design within the Olympic brand package. I have begun my quest into understanding all things Japanese to allow my research to dictate my final composition. 

I immersed myself in Japanese film, pottery, fine art, textiles, fashion, Graphic design, architecture, literature, motion graphics, traditions, animals, topography, and currency to create motion graphics that are well informed for their audience that best represent the host nation. 


For this project, I wanted to illustrate the unique music of Sierra Ferrell. I knew I wanted to capture my own footage but only had access to an iPhone camera. 

This idea came to me through mere accident. I bought vintage slides from an antique shop years ago and display them in my windows. Due to sun damage, they have turned blue. I was playing around with my attachable lens when I looked at the slides. With my red SUV parked outside, the images were unexpectedly intriguing. 

Unable to keep a steady hand to my window, I created a makeshift lightbox to capture my footage. to recreate the red reflections from my car, I experimented with red paper, markers, and even a bag full of cranberry juice. 

Shot and edited in 2 days 


Materials: iPhone, microscopic phone lens, red paper, clear plastic containers, desk lamp, vintage slides, tape. 

(please excuse old phone stand-in)


Desk lamp under light-box with white paper above to diffuse light


Phone balanced on sauce container to capture 


As my 3D motion design final, I wanted to test my C4D modeling skills by creating a commercial spot for the new Nike GoFly Ease shoes. 

Being Nike's most inclusive shoe, I wanted to show off the product's unique ability to "open," allowing this revolutionary design to be completely hands-free. 

Time Frame: 5 weeks to complete


Time lapse - Day 7

Rough Cut - Day 23

Rough Cut - Day 26


In my 3D motion design class I was tasked to create a robotic arm. I wanted to challenge myself by creating a narrative along with the mechanical arm. As a collegiate soccer player I wanted to see how I could combine my two passions within this project. 

My final design consists of a robotic arm changing a light bulb in an LED sign. Then the camera pulls away to reveal the US Soccer logo created out of individual light bulbs. 

Time Frame: 3 weeks to complete


Preliminary Sketch






Final Layout


In my 3D MOME class the first three projects were to model a pen, a plant, and a toy truck. Each project was allotted 1 week to complete. Completely new to C4D, the learning curve was very steep yet I learned so much and my modeling skills developed very quickly. 

Through these projects I discovered how to problem solve while getting more comfortable with C4D.


Time Frame: 1 week each (3 weeks total to complete)